Artist in Residency 

     Kim’s positive and inspirational style and approach to teaching has kept her in demand and given her notoriety across the Country. Having studied, taught and performed extensively for the past 20 plus years, her training and technical expertise is reflected in all of her classes and choreography. Whether she is teaching hip hop, jazz, ballet, or jazz funk on the convention circuit, every dancer leaves her classes inspired and motivated to chase their dreams.

     Starting her dance training at 3 years old, it soon became obvious that she loved the stage and would work in the dance industry in some form or fashion. At 8 years old she moved to a ballet school where she began training 6 days a week, 25 to 30 hours per week. At 9, she was a featured performer for Princess Yasmin and by 12 yrs old she received 3rd in the United States at the national Tap event sponsored by Gregory Hines to promote the movie TAP. Gregory was so impressed with Kim that he showed up at her studio in Dallas weeks later to give her a private class. As a competitive dancer growing up, Kim excelled at every competition she attended.

      After graduating, Kim started teaching to save money for her move to L.A. and fell in love with teaching! At 24 yrs. old, she moved to Los Angeles and became a very successful working dancer but soon after her move, it was clear to Kim that performing and working did not give her the fulfillment teaching did. It was then she decided to strictly focus on teaching and training dancers.

teachingHer philosophy is “it only takes a second to change a child’s life and make them feel special and from there, that child could change the world someday.” At 27 yrs old, Kim began to work and travel with Adrenaline on the convention circuit and a year later was picked up by JUMP where she stayed for 6 years teaching everything from ballet to jazz and hip hop. She then started to tour with NUVO as the Children’s Director and teaching jazz and jazz funk. Her classes were focused on inspiring young dancers to be excellent in all that they do. Her teachers seminars are always packed and receive incredible reviews from teachers all over the country. Her teaching style has motivated so many to continue to strive towards being the best role model and educator they can be for their students. Kim’s students have gone on to have incredible careers in the dance and film industry and the list on artists and actors they have worked with is countless. Kim most recently travels as a studio consultant and intensive teacher setting curriculums and molding studios all over the United States to become recognized by the industry’s leading choreographers. With the positivity and emotional reaction to her classes at The Dance Teacher’s Summit, she will be on the cover of Dance Teacher Magazine with a feature article about her and her philosophy of ‘changing lives’!
       With all of her success and accomplishments she has had, her number one priority is to be a mom to her 2 daughters.

Her faith in God and love for people shines through in all she does.