"INFINITY"- ICPA Competitive Company
...under the direction of Mandi and Luke Kolling!

ICPA is auditioning dancers ages 6-18 to be a part of our competitive company. Those aspiring to train in professional level classes, attend conventions and compete solos, duo/trios/groups at higher level competitions, this is the company for you! 
Bring your dancing to the highest level and let our faculty guide you in the right direction and assist you in fulfilling your dreams of becoming a professional dancer. 
As a member of ICPA's  premiere competitive dance company, you will have access to:  
~ training 7-15 hours a week with our professional faculty
~ attend 3 convention/competitions a year
~2 optional competitions a year
~ our 4+ Masterclasses Series throughout the year
~ perform in our Holdiday/Nutcracker, Spring Fling, & End of year Showcases
~ multiple guest artists from around the country
~ compete/perform dances (solos/duos/trios- optional)
~ perform at prestigous dance events in the DFW area
Our "Infinity" Competitive Company is for serious minded dancers!
 ICPA helps you meet the demands of an evolving dance industry while cultivating artistic minds! 

(972) 422-4689



"INDY" Training Program

 ICPA's "Independent Training Program" is a BRAND NEW program offered to experienced dancers who are of High School age and are no longer interested in competing on a grand scale or have time to commit to a full company schedule.  Dancers in this program are welcome to compete solos, where applicable, under ICPA's name (with prior approval) and without being in any group dances.

Essentially... an "independent dancer" with a home.

 Choose your own schedule of classes within your placement level, no attendance recorded, freedom to train at other studios, no contract or commitment to ICPA. You are responsible for registering yourselves at any and all competitions/conventions, regardless if our ICPA Company is attending, just like an independent dancer. 

 Independent dancers who opt to register for "UNLIMITED" classes at ICPA, ($325/mo) (BTW rate- $195/mo), will have access to discounted rates for all masterclasses throughout the year, including classes with our artists in residency and many other ICPA privileges. These dancers will also have the option and opportunity to participate in any/all ICPA performances,
ie; The Nutcracker, Our Spring Fling, and End of year Showcase. 

  Please note, at ICPA we believe in being a dance family first and attaining solid training in one facility with instructors who are familiar with your personal needs and goals to better help you progress. However, with the abundance of great training offered in the DFW area, we also understand the growing need and urge for many of our more seasoned dancers to train where, when and with whom they know and love. Once the dancer is more established, we feel it is equally important to be well rounded, which may include receiving training from all the wonderful instructors Dallas has to offer and by taking classes with other dancers you can learn from, not just the ones at your own studio.  

In our professional opinion, to be given the luxury of dancing on your own terms, independently, it is imperative you have  attained a somewhat sound facilty and solid background in technique from training at one location the majority of your dancing years.

  By offering this program to those who qualify, you will now be able to compete your solos under our studio name, no contract, no commitment, no group dances.