Enrollment FAQ's

  1. I am enrolling my child in class for the first time, what should he or she wear?
    See our dress code under "Classes".
  2. Can I enroll my child in class at anytime?
    Yes! Just call (972) 422-4689 or e-mail us Dance@conservatorypa.com to schedule an evaluation.
  3. What are the dates of the 2016/2017 Season?
    August 22, 2016 to June 10, 2017.

General FAQ's

  1. What do I do if my child has to miss a class?
    Email us at dance@iconservatorypa.com and let us know! Provide ICPA with your child’s name and the date/class/time they will be missing. Dancers are welcome to take a make up class in a comparable class/level on another day within the same month.
  2. How big are class sizes?
    Classes range from 5-30 Students. Classes with less than 5 students enrolled may be subject to cancellation.
  3. What should my child keep in their dance bag?
    A list of examples include: An extra set of dance clothes, dance shoes, hair supplies (such as ponytail holders, hairpins, bobby pins, hairnets, hairspray, gel, brush, etc.) snacks, water bottles, band-aids, sewing kit, pointe shoes necessities, deodorant, Ibuprofen/Tylenol. ICPA also provides lockers and locks, so these items may remain at the studio in a secure place.
  4. Where should I purchase dance shoes and clothing?
    We recommend Suffolk Dance Boutique in Lewisville, Sandy’s Dancewear, and Upstage Dancewear. Discountdance.com is a great online option.
  5. What time should I drop off and pick my child up?
    Dancers are encouraged to show up at least 15 minutes early for classes/rehearsals. This allows ample time to warm up properly, stretch and socialize. Parents should pick up their students within 15 minutes of their dancer’s last class end time.
  6. What styles of dance does ICPA offer?
    We offer a wide variety of styles for everyone and every age! Please see our class descriptions page or call our front desk for more information. (972) 422-4689.
  7. How can I contact a specific teacher?
    Dance@iconservatorypa.com Competitive Co. Directors- Mandi (MandiBryan@me.com) & Luke Kolling (LukeKolling@me.com) Conservatory Director- Jennifer Litaker (JLitaker@gmail.com) Timothy Fox (TimFox@me.com)
  8. How do I enroll my child in classes?
    Call us at (972)-422-4689 or click on the "Classes" tab to find - "Register Here"!
  9. Can my son take dance?
    Absolutely! We would love the opportunity to share the art of dance with everyone who is interested! Scholarships may be offered to male dancers of any age.
  10. When should my daughter begin pointe?
    Pointe is very serious art form. This decision is left up to the discretion of our professional ICPA ballet instructors. Each dancer will be evaluated on an individual basis. The average age to begin pointe is 12 years. However, some dancers may begin as early as 10 years and as late 16 depending on ankle strength and technique. We insist our dancers have at least 6 months- 1 year of Pre-Pointe before starting them on Pointe. Safety first.
  11. Does my child have to take ballet?
    While ballet is not required for our "dancers in training" students, it is highly recommended. Ballet is the basis for all styles of dance and provides the student with the proper technique required to become an advanced dancer.
  12. Are there any performance opportunities for dancers not on company?
    Yes! They have to opportunity to perform in our Holiday Show, Spring Fling, and End of year showcase.