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What we offer...

We offer classes for all ages and levels! Styles include; Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, Theater Dance, Leaps and Turns. We have no doubt you will find the perfect class for your child and even for yourself. We also offer a variety of classes for our "Young Dancers", College/Professionals, and Adults. 
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Private Lessons

ICPA offers private lessons on a first come first serve basis. Private lessons are a great way for a dancer to get one on one time to brush up or fine tune their technique. The time alone with an instructor of your choice is invaluable and allows not only for the dancer to improve at a quicker rate, but also offers the opportunity for the teacher and student to build a stronger bond and relationship through dance. ICPA offers top of the line training, therefore, private lessons are offered to enhance and supplement your training, not replace. Class time is equally important.
Each instructor offers their own private lesson rates based on their level of expertise. Times are broken down into 30, 45, and 60 minutes. If necessary, longer private times may be available.

Please use our DANCE email address,  to  schedule a time with the instructor of your choice. You may email the instructor directly and can find your contact in your directory.
Payments are made directly to the teacher. Cash is the preferred method of payment, however, checks are acceptable when necessary. Please note that payment is due at the ONSET of the private or immediately following your lesson. 


Hrs. per week
$Monthly Tuition

"Infinity" Competitive Co.

Class Card
 10 Classes/Mo... $175

To learn more about our Infinity Competitive Company... Click here.

Company Rates

"Indy" Training Program
ICPA Competitive Co... $295/Mo
ICPA Unlimited Training... $325/Mo.
ICPA Indy Training w/Solo...$365/Mo. 
Booker T Washington Rep Only... $195/Mo
*Tues/Thurs classes use class cards
Advanced Dancers Only- High School Age.  No contracts or competitions required!
Drop ins welcome with use of class card. Solos and private lessons permitted. Click here for more information.

"Conservatory" Training

"Dancers In Training" - Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Levels.
Our Conservatory offers a "Dancers in Training" program, which affords you the opportunity to train in a company style environment, pushing you to be your best without the commitment of competing.
Evaluation is required for placement.
Non-Refundable Fees:
Registration Fee: $35 
Recital Fee: $85
Costume Deposit: TBD

Administration Fee: $75
Co. Fees: $90 new/ $75 returning

Discounts and Fees

* Registration Fee - $35 (non refundable)
* Company Fee- $90/ $75 for returning students
* Recital Fee - TBD
* Siblings: 10% discount
* 10% off full semester tuition if paid in full.
* Booker T Washington Students receive 50% off unlimited monthly tuition

Classroom Etiquette

~ Dancers must wear appropriate dance attire and shoes for all disciplines. Company members are responsible for packing their own dance bags. You will not be able to participate in class if the appropriate attire is not worn. Instead, you will be asked to sit out and take notes during classes and or rehearsals. Parents will be notified.
~ If you are more than 15 minutes late for class or rehearsal, permission to join the class or re hearsal in progress will be at the discretion of the instructor. Always apologize for the disruption and kindly ask if you may attend.
~ No Food or Drinks are permitted in any of the studios besides water. You are expected to clean up after yourselves at the end of the day to help keep the studios and dressing rooms clean and tidy.
~ Please ask to be excused from class if you must use the restroom during class time.
~ For safety purposes, there is no hanging on the barres, no tumbling (except in acro) no running in the hallways or studios.  Be mindful of others and their space.
~ Ballet barres must be set up at the start of class time and  carefully put away for center.
~ You are encouraged to show up 15 minutes early to class and or rehearsals, to give yourself ample time to warm up properly, stretch, and socialize.     Once class begins, we expect your full attention and focus on the teacher and to be respectful of your peers.
~ We are all here to learn, grow, improve and be supportive, so please check any negativity and gossip at the door. Allow yourself to enjoy taking class, let it rejuvenate your soul and leave your worries behind... there is nothing you can do about it while you’re dancing!